Rocket Cheetah

Author: Nuclearfish


The Olympics may now be over, but we’re not quite done with our Olympic-themed Contraption Challenge 17 – that’s right, it’s time to reveal the finalists!


In case you somehow failed to notice, there’s a rather major sporting event starting today. So, naturally, we have an appropriately themed challenge for you!


That’s it folks. Time’s up. Contraption Challenge 16 has now closed. Do not republish your entry from this point onwards. Doing so will mean you get disqulaified, which we’d hate to do.

Contraption Challenge 15 - Voting

Good news! We’ve finally finished judging the Contraption Challenge 15 entries. Sorry for the long, long wait! For CC15 we asked you to create a vehicle of some kind that could travel over rough terrain – but without using wheels. As usual with these challenges we saw some incredibly unqiue and wacky ideas, everything from walking mechs to hovercraft to crawling zombies. However, there can only be one winner (a winner who will earn themselves the super-rare Contraption Challenge pin…

CC15 Blueprint

We’ve had a lot of interesting vehicle challenges in the past – off-road vehicles, transporters, gap-crossers, even amphibious vehicles. But for this Contraption Challenge we want you to make a vehicle without any of that fancy stuff. We only want to see something that gets us from A to B. Simple, right? There’s just one thing… it can’t use wheels.


Enjoying the new Move Pack? Looking for a good excuse to try out some of the new tools? Well it’s your lucky day! Once again it’s time to unleash your creativeness with a brand new Contraption Challenge! Let’s get down to business, shall we? We want you to make a contraption that can overcome a vertical wall. Jumping, grappling, pole-vaulting – whatever it takes. The more creative, the better! You’ll need a wall. It doesn’t have to be a wall…


Voting on Contraption Challenge 13 ended on Monday. We’ve counted-up the votes and put together this video to show off all of the finalists as well as a selection of some of the other entries. Well done and thank you to everyone who entered Contraption Challenge 13. You’ll have to watch the video to see who won… :)

Contraption Challenge 13

A mere, ahem, 2 months after the deadline, and we’ve finally finished judging all the levels from Contraption Challenge 13 – Submarine! Sorry this has taken so long (we blame hackers and PSN being down and all that. Or maybe we’re just really lazy. One of those.) The response to this challenge was incredible, with 250 levels and the highest standard we’ve seen yet. Narrowing these down to just 5 was no easy task, but here are the finalists! Voting…

Contraption Challenge 13

Yes, that’s right – the Contraption Challenges are back! And it’s all new and shiny. In LBP1 we asked you to create all sorts of crazy contraptions over twelve exciting challenges, from amphibious vehicles to wall climbers, from transporters to exterminators. Yet now we have all the super-cool features of LBP2, things are sure to get even more impressive – just take a look at the results from the challenges we held in the beta. We can’t wait to see…

Vote For Your Favourite LittleBigPlanet CC12 Contraption

The time has come for you to vote for your favourite entry in the 12th LittleBigPlanet Contraption Challenge! The task for CC12 was to build a Sackboy Exterminator and for a couple of weeks entrants have been beavering away to come up with the most elaborate devices to destroy the cute little ball of fluff.