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A couple of weeks ago we revealed our five favourite Bomb Transporters and asked you all to help choose one winner. Well, you voted in your droves and once the poll closed last Friday we totted-up the results and are…


A few months ago we set the LittleBigPlanet community their 18th Contraption Challenge: to design a machine that could safely transport a bomb over a series of hazardous obstacles. After much deliberation we’ve settled on five finalists and now it’s…


Last Saturday we held our first Contraption Challenge LIVE event on More than 100 of you watched live as we played through some Contraption Challenge 18 entries for judging and shared your thoughts on the entries in the live…


Happy 2013 everyone! It seems strange to be wishing you a happy new year in March but it goes to show how long it’s been since we did one of these. Thank you to everyone who’s contacted us over the…


A few weeks ago we revealed the finalists in Contraption Challenge 17 and asked you to vote to decide the final winner. Now, after a bit of a delay, the votes have been counted and we’ve put together this video…


The Olympics may now be over, but we’re not quite done with our Olympic-themed Contraption Challenge 17 – that’s right, it’s time to reveal the finalists!


In case you somehow failed to notice, there’s a rather major sporting event starting today. So, naturally, we have an appropriately themed challenge for you!


The veil of secrecy around the LittleBigPlanet Vita beta trial has now been lifted so we can finally tell you all about a special Contraption Challenge which we ran a few weeks ago.


Just over a week ago we revealed the finalists in Contraption Challenge 16 and asked you to vote to decide the eventual winner. Well, voting closed on Friday and now we’ve counted them all up and can reveal the winner…


Welcome back! It’s time to reveal the five finalists in Contraption Challenge 16.