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Writing about or referencing Rocket Cheetah

If you are writing about or referencing this website first of all, thank you! But please refer to it as Rocket Cheetah or Rocket Not RocketCheetah, or any other variation… especially one omitting a space between ‘Rocket’ and ‘Cheetah’… otherwise my OCD kicks-in and I have to run around turning light switches on and off.

Onlne, references to Rocket Cheetah should ideally include a hyperlink to either the home page ( or a specific post, if applicable. The hyperlink should normally be included on the first instance of the term “Rocket Cheetah” or as a citation at the end of the article, but anywhere sensible will do.

Again, thanks for writing whatever you’re writing and including Rocket Cheetah. Please ping me a tweet (@RocketCheetah) with a link – I’d love to take a look.

The Rocket Cheetah wordmark (logo)

You can download the Rocket Cheetah wordmark in PNG format using the links below. A zip archive including all versions of the logo is also available.

Anything else

If you have any questions about this or would like to contact me regarding use of Rocket Cheetah’s content on another site or in other media, please use the Contact page. Ta.