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Writing about or linking to Rocket Cheetah

If you are writing or talking about this website, first of all, you’re awesome! Thank you! Feel free to send us a link and show us what you’re doing. If you’re writing about Rocket Cheetah we’d love you even more if you remember to put the space in the name. ie Rocket Cheetah or Rocket rather than RocketCheetah or We know it doesn’t really matter but our founder has this thing about grammatical neatness!

The Rocket Cheetah wordmark (logo)

Logo-and-IconThing of beauty, ain’t it? You can download the Rocket Cheetah wordmark in PNG and Adobe Illustrator format using the links below. A zip archive including all versions of the logo is also available.

Just one thing: Other than proportionally resizing it, you may not alter or distort the logo in any way. Capisce?

Anything else

If you have any questions about this or would like to contact me regarding use of Rocket Cheetah’s content on another site or in other media, please use the Contact page. Ta.