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Back in September 2009, I created some looping videos of the PlayStation 3′s XMB waves so that I could use them as animated desktop wallpapers (or “DreamScene”) on my PC. I also posted them in a few places online so that other people could use them. I’d completely forgotten about them until recently when I stumbled across the files in the depths of my Dropbox. I deleted them, thinking no one would still be downloading them from the now ancient forum threads where I had made them available.

Turns out, people were still downloading them as I pretty-much instantly started getting messages on YouTube and Twitter asking me if they were still available. So, here they are again.

Nine colours are available. You can download each of them below. Just one word of warning: running HD video constantly as a desktop wallpaper obviously uses up a lot of your computer’s resources. If you have an old or slow PC, you might want to give this a miss. If on the other hand, you’ve got clock cycles to spare, this it a really nice way of adding some eye candy to your otherwise lifeless desktop. Plus, it’ll give you a little comfort in those rare moments where you’re away from your PlayStation 3!


Download the file you want from the links below then extract the video file from the ZIP archive using WinRAR or your operating system’s built-in ZIP extractor.

If you have Windows Vista Ultimate, all you need to do is download a Windows update to enable animated desktops or “DreamScene”. Follow the instructions here to find out how to do this.

If you’re using Windows XP, Windows 7 or a non-Ultimate version of Windows Vista, you can download a small utility called DreamScene Enabler from deviantART. Once you’ve run that and restarted your computer, all you need to do is right-click on the video file you downloaded and choose ‘Set as Desktop Background’.

Getting video wallpapers on a Mac is a little more complicated but this video explains it all for you.

UPDATE: Apparently, the method described in that video doesn’t work on Snowleopard, but this does. (Thanks Dayne Oram!)


All of these videos were taken from the PlayStation 3′s XMB and are therefore owned by Sony Computer Entertainment. If you re-publish these elsewhere on the interwebs, I’d really appreciate it if you linked back to this page on

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  • Anonymous

    Ah, brill! Thanks chimp!

    This will replace my mac wallpaper next time I can be bothered to fetch my laptop

  • Sean Hannold

    Thank you. I never thought you would get back but these are awsome. Great job and keep up the good work.

    • Sean Hannold

      Well I couldn't get the files to extract anyone else having this problem.

      • Chimpanzee

        Hmm. I just tried redownloading the files myself and was able to extract them using both WinRAR and Windows Explorer (on Windows 7). What are you using? What operating system are you on? Do you get any sort of error message?

  • Dayne Oram
    • Chimpanzee

      Thanks Dayne. I've updated the post.

  • Ezequiel Torres Rodr

    Plaese post the waves on 1080p HD!!!!!!! Espesially the black one

    • Chimpanzee

      I don't have the ability to record in 1080p at the moment. I'll be upgrading my hardware in the new year so I might record some new ones in 1080p then (with the sparkles).

      • mupet

        That would be cool, would look very nice on my monitor @ 1080p :D

      • Andrew Worthington

        Any update on this? I would really love this!

        • Chimpanzee

          Hi. Yes, I do still intend to do this when I get some time. Couldn’t say when that will be at the moment. Hopefully not too much longer.

  • Best Registry Cleaner

    The video your provided shows a method that does not wok on snowleopard.

    • Chimpanzee

      What about the method given right below the link to the video?

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  • Hazbell

    What if your not running Windows XP – 7? What if your’re like me, and using Windows Server 2008 Datacenter? :P xD

  • alex

    thanks for these, would love a 1080p version.

  • Eric

    These are awesome , is there anyway to have them with the sparkles and the dark blue color like is on the ps3? sorry if its a strange request, im surprised the original files havent surfaced somewhere..

  • Michael Goldthrite

    very nice!!! you can use VLC with xp….

  • sully

    how do i get dreamscene on win.7 home premium??

  • sully

    or, is there any other way to do it??

  • Lukas

    very cool :D thx but HD is better :(

  • HUIT

    HD of the black theme please! Thank you.

  • Trsebo O

    What about full hd resolution?

    • Chimpanzee

      Unfortunately, it isn’t possible to capture from the PS3 at 1080p resolution due to the HDCP copy protection on HDMI.

  • F3rg

    will not download

  • Rifergs

    please help

  • jptagman

    could you make a program that has them all in on and changes the color every like 2 minutes

    • Chimpanzee

      I can’t make one myself. I don’t have any programming knowledge. Maybe someone out there can?

  • james

    Why wont this download fully

    • Chimpanzee

      I’m not sure. I just tried it myself and it worked no problem. Which one are you trying to download?

  • james

    Sorry for the late reply, I’ve been working.
    Thanks for trying I’ll have another go now, Its the black one I’d Like anyway.

  • james

    I ran it again but I still get a message that this is an invalid archive??

    • Chimpanzee

      Sorry I don’t know what to suggest. It’s working fine here. Can you try one of the others and see if you get the same problem.

      Is anyone else having this issue?

  • MisterTupai

    the download speed is slow then crash.. can you upload it on file hosting to make the download easier :D,
    thank you :D

  • Vl4m

    I’m using Chrome and all I did was click the link and it started downloading.

  • loff01

    Had problems extracting, trying again now…

  • Sevo

    1080p HD please :-)


    [1:47] Had the same problem with extracting the files. Invalid archive error. Trying again at 86.3MB now.
    [2:03] File complete. Invalid archive, the file seems to be damaged. Tried WinRAR recovery, but that didn’t work. I’m unable to get a working file. This happens with all the colours. Maybe try a repack?
    Keep me posted, would love to have these!

  • asdsda

    Why you have used your server’s local storage for these files?
    Impossible to download..

  • Chimpanzee

    All the files are now hosted on MEGA instead of my servers. Hopefully this will resolve the download/corruption problems.

  • asadsa

    I see it :)
    Thank you so so so so so so much!!!!!