Good news! We’ve finally finished judging the Contraption Challenge 15 entries. Sorry for the long, long wait!

For CC15 we asked you to create a vehicle of some kind that could travel over rough terrain – but without using wheels. As usual with these challenges we saw some incredibly unqiue and wacky ideas, everything from walking mechs to hovercraft to crawling zombies. However, there can only be one winner (a winner who will earn themselves the super-rare Contraption Challenge pin to proudly display on their profiles), and now that we’ve picked our top five entries it’s up to you to vote for your favourite! Here they are…

The Finalists

How to Vote

Here’s what you have to do to vote for your favourite entry:

  1. Head over to LBPContraptions on, sign-in with your PSN ID and queue up the CC15: Non-Wheeled Vehicle – Voting level.
  2. Start up LBP2 and play the level from your queue. In there you’ll find level links to all of the finalists. Play them all and choose your favourite.
  3. Post a review on the showcase level (NOT on the competition entry itself) stating the creator or name of the contraption you think should win.

That’s about it… Oh, just a few important notes:

  • Don’t leave any other comments in your review. If you have any questions please post them in this thread on the Official PlayStation Community and not in the level review.
  • Only vote for one entry or none of your votes will be counted.
  • Only vote in the reviews section of the CC15: Wall Jumper – Voting level or your vote won’t be counted.
  • Cast your vote by 21:00 GMT on Friday 16th March or (you guessed it) your vote won’t be counted.

Good luck to all the finalists, and well done to everybody else who took part! After voting closes we’ll count up the votes and announce them as usual in a spectacular showcase video, along with some of our other favourite entries so keep an eye out for yours!

How to Take Part in the Next Challenge

After the winner is announced there’ll be a short wait and then we’ll be right back here with the details for Contraption Challenge 16! If you’d like to take part there are a few ways you can keep track of what’s going-on:

  • Follow @LBPContraptions on Twitter and subscribe to LBPContraptions on YouTube. We’ll post updates there whenever there’s something new.
  • The magical, little web address, is your shortcut to very latest information. It will always redirect you to the latest Contraption Challenge-related post on the Official PlayStation Community. Might be one for your bookmarks?
  • Subscribe to the Contraption Challenge mailing list (that’s right, it’s 2012 and we have a mailing list, what of it?) to be alerted whenever voting or a new challenge starts.