Happy 2013 everyone! It seems strange to be wishing you a happy new year in March but it goes to show how long it’s been since we did one of these. Thank you to everyone who’s contacted us over the last few months – it’s great to hear that so many of you are still eager to take part and with that in-mind, let’s not waste any more time…

Challenge 18 - Bomb Transporter


Your task this time is to build a vehicle capable of safely transporting some very delicate cargo… a gigantic and rather deadly bomb of the could-explode-at-any-random-time variety!!

cc18-bomb But that’s not all! We want you to transport this bomb over three obstacles specifically designed to make this job much more difficult (because we’re evil like that). The bomb will explode if it’s shaken too much or comes to a sudden stop too quickly, so we’re looking for a contraption that carries it carefully rather than quickly.

For this challenge we’re providing a few objects which you must use; the bomb and three obstacles which you must place in the path of your contraption in any order. These can all be collected in our Contraption Challenge 18 Toolkit level.



  • Make sure your contraption can safely transport the bomb over all three obstacles without it exploding.
  • Use each of the obstacles provided at least once.
  • Make sure your contraption is reasonably sized, in proportion to the obstacles.
  • Publish your level before 23:59 BST on 31st March 2013.
  • Include “CC18” at the beginning of your level title (eg. “CC18 – My Bomb Transporter”).
  • Make sure your level is accessible from LBP.me (find out how to change your settings here).
  • Try to keep the level no more than 3 minutes long.

Do Not

  • Resize the bomb or alter it or its logic in any way.
  • Attach the bomb to your contraption with glue or connectors.
  • Resize the obstacles.
  • No flying, teleporting, launching the bomb, destroying or bypassing the obstacles in any way. Drive over them!
  • Add unnecessary functionality to your contraption, unrelated to the challenge.
  • A Sackbot with logic doesn’t count as a contraption – you must build something.
  • Create a long, unskippable introduction. Remember we will have a lot to judge!
  • Publish or republish your level after the deadline for any reason, or you WILL be disqualified.
  • Publish more than one level and one contraption.
  • Harm any cats during the making or playing of your level.

Once the contest closes, we’ll play all the levels and choose our five favourites. It will then be over to you guys and gals to vote and decide the winner. Thanks to the lovely LittleBigPlanet Community Team, all five finalists will receive an LBP Cap and the new Emergency Services costume and kart packs. The winner will also receive a Rare Prize Crown and the Contraption Challenge in-game pin. Check-out this haul…

CC18 Prizes

Some questions you might have

Q: Which versions of LittleBigPlanet is this challenge for?
A: Unfortunately this challenge is for LittleBigPlanet 2 only. This is to make sure every finalist has an equal chance of having their level played and voted-for… Keep an eye out for CC19 soon though ;)

Q: Can I use the PlayStation Move or Cross-Controller functionality in my level?
A: Sure! But bear in mind that if you are a finalist, not all voters will be able to play your level.

Q: Can I enter in a team?
A: You can enter either by yourself OR in a team of up to 4 people (in which case one person should publish the level and list the other creators in the level description). Note that we only have one crown to give away, so only one person in a winning team will get it.

Q: So… where do I get the bomb and obstacles?
A: From this level. Make sure you’ve enabled the ‘Collect community prizes’ option in your settings.

Q: Does my contraption need to pick up the bomb at the start and drop it off at the end?
A: No, it can start the level already in the contraption. But if you’re looking for an extra challenge, go for it!

Q: What if the bomb explodes when you’re judging my level due to your incompetent driving?
A: Then YOU FAIL. Mwhahaha!!!!! Not really, we’ll restart the level a couple of times until we get the hang of it. Just don’t make it too hard for us, okay?

Q: The obstacles you’ve provided are ugly and don’t suit my level. Can I make them pretty?
A: Yep, go crazy. Change the material, add stickers and decos… just make sure the obstacles stay the same size!

Q: The obstacles you’ve given me are too easy to overcome and do not show off the true potential of my amazingsauce contraption. Can I make some of my own?
A: Yes! As long as our obstacles are there, make whatever else you want.

Q: You said we can’t change the logic on the bomb?
A: Correct.

Q: Not even a little tag so I can detect it using sensors?
A: One step ahead of you! A red tag with the label “Bomb” is already contained within the bomb’s microchip, should you need it.

Q: Do I need to post an LBP.me link to my level or anything like that? How do I enter?!
A: Just make sure you publish your entry with “CC18” in the title. You don’t need to post a link or do anything else.

Q: I live in another corner of the Earth and find all this time zone malarkey very confusing.
A: Yeah, it doesn’t help that British Summer Time begins on the day of the deadline. Click here to find out when the CC18 deadline is in your local time.

Q: Guns?
A: No.

Q: Can I make a frog-based contraption?
A: If you want to. ;)

Q: Can I send you lots of bribes to improve my chances of becoming a finalist?
A: Yes, you can send us bribes. No, it won’t improve your chances.

If you have any more questions please post them in the comments below. Good luck everyone!

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