E3 is just one week away! 

There are all sorts of wild rumours and speculation circulating on the web and I’m sure you have your own theories on what’s going to go down at this year’s show. You think Michael Pachter’s got nothin’ on you, right? Well, here’s your chance to put your money where your mouth is*.

I’m running a little contest over on the Official PlayStation Community where you can show off just how good your hunches are. All you need to do is submit your opinions on a few E3 predictions, then when the show is over we’ll see how many you got right. We’ll award you one point for every correct answer and reveal the winner on the forums. Aside from a healthy serving of bragging rights (as if that weren’t enough), we’ve might also have a cool little something for the winner.

To find out how to take part, head over to the Official PlayStation Forums. Good luck!

* Money not required