Following last week’s announcement that a Journey costume pack would be coming to LittleBigPlanet, Sony today announced that Sackboy and friends will be making an appearance in thatgamecompany’s critically acclaimed PSN title.

The DLC due for release later this month will bring four-player online multiplayer and many of LBP’s most loved mechanics to the desert-wondering adventure.

But this is more than just a piece of savvy cross-promotion. The introduction of gameplay elements from LBP gives Journey fans whole new ways to play and the game’s co-creator, Jenova Chen, sees this as the perfect partnership;

Teaming-up with Media Molecule has given me the opportunity to create the game I always wanted Journey to be. I’m grateful for the positive response Journey received but to me it was a bit too slow-paced. There were no bombs or jetpacks and very little slapping. This new DLC fixes all that!

The grappling hook mechanic will allow players to traverse the world in a much more exciting way than just walking, jumping and floating. The Paintinator will also appear in the game, empowering users to make their mark on the otherwise plain landscape… and each other!

In Journey, players’ only means of communication was through a simple call or shout – LittleBigPlanet brings more ways to communicate with slapping and emotes.


p>The downloadable content hits the PlayStation Store later in April. Pricing has not yet been announced.