December’s here and Christmas is beginning in LittleBigPlanet. We’ve got no less that three festive stories this week: a pod decorating contest, a secret Santa and my own Christmas-themed community event. All that and more is This Week in LittleBigPlanet…

Secret Santa

This actually started a couple of weeks but I hadn’t spotted it until LBP2 Blog picked it up this week. TGG-007 is running a Secret Santa event on the Official PlayStation Community. All you have to do is sign-up by 10th December and you’ll be assigned another community member to create a level for and someone else will make a level just for you. Just don’t tell anyone who you got!

Posted on Sunday 20th November | Read more on the Official PlayStation Community

LittleBigPodcasters Reunited

Daniel’s been holding down the LittleBigPodcast fort on his own for months but this week Austin’s back for Thanksgiving. The pair deliver this week’s DLC news al fresco and send you back here to Rocket Cheetah for the level line-up – all I need to do now is actually publish some videos! Head over to YouTube to watch it.

Posted on Monday 28th December | Watch it on YouTube

Hands-on With LittleBigPlanet Vita

As you may have already seen on Rocket Cheetah, last week I had a chance to get hands-on with the PlayStation Vita and LittleBigPlanet. I’ve don an in-depth write-up on my impressions of the game and videos of the five levels available to play at the PlayStation Access event in London. Spoiler: It’s awesome!

Posted on Thursday 1st December | Read more here on Rocket Cheetah

LittleBigLand Pod Decorating Contest

LittleBigLand have launched this year’s Christmas Pod Decorating Contest. It’s really simple to take part; you have until 20th December to decorate your Pod and post a picture in LBL’s forums. Winners will get a PlayStation Network voucher and the rare LittleBigLand pin. Head over to the site for all the details.

Posted on Friday 2nd December | Read more on LittleBigLand

Christmas Community Collaboration

It’s been a busy week here in Chimp’s treehouse. As well as the LBP Vita hands-on, I’ve also launched a new festive event over on the Official PlayStation Community. It starts with a box and will hopefully end with the biggest, bested Christmas leve LittleBigPlanet has ever seen! Anyone is welcome to get involved so head over to the forums for all the details.

Posted on Friday 2nd December | Read more on the Official PlayStation Community

This Week in DLC

More odd DLC hit this week, in a bit of an odd way. The Oddworld Munch costume hit the North American LittleBigStore on Tuesday but the carrier pigeon that was supposed to deliver accompanying LBP 2 patch went AWOL. All’s well now though so if you had trouble downloading the costume when if first came out, try it again now. The costume is also out now on the European store.


That’s it for this week. Did I miss anything awesome? Let me know what you think of this feature in the Comments section below and if you’ve got anything you think I should check out for next week’s issue, send @RocketCheetah a tweet.