This edition of This Week in LittleBigPlanet is dedicated to the hardworking men and women of the Media Molecule QA team. They work so hard but it seems that despite that no matter how many bugs are blasted, one always manages to evade their fumigation. Contrary to the cries from the vocal minority, most of us in the LBP community really do appreciate the work you do on what must be one of the hardest-to-test games ever created.

So, in honour of the QA people, (after a whole five minutes in PhotoShop) I hereby certify this edition of TWiLBP, Rocket Cheetah-Approved

Speed Create #17

Cobbled together following capture software problems (I’ve been there), Mnniska shows us the creation of a cheese mouse and a new version of the Witch character for his upcoming level. He also discusses the PlayStation Vita and Touch My Katamari. As always, it’s fascinating to watch and LittleBigPlanet level coming together

Posted on 26th February | Watch it on YouTube

Pimp My Vita

If you’ve picked-up a PlayStation Vita and want to pimp it up with some LittleBigPlanet wallpapers, Giftfrosch has you covered. He’s posted a couple of cool lock screen wallpapers which you can download and copy to your Vita. Media Molecule have also released Vita-optimised version of some of their official wallpapers – you can find those over at

Posted on 27th February | Read more on Official PlayStation Community 

StevenI Gets Moleculed

Congratulations are in order for Community Curator, StevenI. This week Steven joined the ranks and MM Towers and will now play a more official role in the LittleBigPlanet community. If you’ve spent any time in the LBP community and have eyes, you can’t have failed to run into him on LittleBigWorkshop, the LBP Wiki or Get Satisfaction. He’ll now be working alongside Spaff and Tom, making the LittleBigPlanet universe even better.

Posted on 27th February | Read more on LittleBigWorkshop

If You Ever Download My Patch… I’ll Bring You Bugs

It’s a Jim Noir joke. Get it?…… I’ll get my coat.
Update 1.10 introduced a problem which rated ‘pretty annoying’ on the glitchometer – it stopped live emitters from functioning correctly which in-turn caused many levels (including story levels) to stop working. Last week’s 1.11 update fixed that but the bad news is the update also broke a few other things. No-doubt fixes are already in the works.

Posted on 28th February | Read more on LBP2 Blog

Take a LittleBigHoliday

Community moderator, Wretched Hawk is running an Uncharted/LittleBigPlanet crossover contest on the Official PlayStation Community. Sack Drake’s on a trip and is sending his holiday snaps back to the forum. All you have to do is figure out where each photo was taken. The contest is running throuout March and the winner will bag themselves a load of Uncharted swag.

Posted on 29th February | Read more on Official PlayStation Community

LittleBigPlanetarium Creation Contest 3

LittleBigPlanetarium have launched their latest Creation Contest. For this one you need to make a good old fashioned platformer with a boss battle. Like before, you’ll need to document the creation process and for this contest, you’ll need to use the Test Tube object in your level in some way. The contest closes on 15th April so head over to LittleBigPlanetarium for all the details, then get creating!

Posted on 1st March | Read more on LittleBigPlanetarium


p>That’s wraps up this edition of This Week in LittleBigPlanet. If I missed anything cool, share it in the comments below and if you come across anything next week, let me know about it via TwitterFacebook or Google Plus.