Rocket Cheetah

I defy anyone not to be giddy with excitement at the prospect of Tearaway: a brand new game from the folks who created LittleBigPlanet.


Potentially fatal attraction.


shookie_monster is a genius… An evil, sadistic genius. My Companion Bomb is a level that gives you one objective and shows no mercy if you make even the slightest hiccup accomplishing it.


A couple of weeks ago we revealed our five favourite Bomb Transporters and asked you all to help choose one winner. Well, you voted in your droves and once the poll closed last Friday we totted-up the results and are…


“Ribbit-Ribbit Racing” is an outstanding puzzler which makes really clever use of the Move Pack’s Brain Crane power-up, but thanks to some ingenious logic trickery the level doesn’t actually require PlayStation Move to play.


Solid, traditional LittleBigPlanet gameplay with all the polish and quality of LBP 2.


Take a stroll along Tumbledown Avenue in this explosive and unpredictable platformer by OmieR.


A few months ago we set the LittleBigPlanet community their 18th Contraption Challenge: to design a machine that could safely transport a bomb over a series of hazardous obstacles. After much deliberation we’ve settled on five finalists and now it’s…


Journey to the Moon is a spectaular platformer packed with interesting gameplay and challenging combat. Not content with making a stright-forward platformer, the creator continually mixes things up with new mechanics.


While I don’t want to put a negative slant on news that will surely come as a relief to many LittleBigPlanetians, I can’t help but feel a little melancholy about LittleBigPlanet’s upcoming blocking features.


Last Saturday we held our first Contraption Challenge LIVE event on More than 100 of you watched live as we played through some Contraption Challenge 18 entries for judging and shared your thoughts on the entries in the live…


As I’m sure you’re aware, this Sunday isn’t just any Sunday – it’s the closing date for Contraption Challenge 18… Oh, and it’s also Easter. So once you’ve finished gorging yourself on chocolate and polishing-up your CC18 entry, the LittleBigPlanet…