Rocket Cheetah

Fiery Furnace is a fantastic but challenging grapple-based platformer by Fr0d0_FragginS79. It’s the first part of what I hope becomes a series of levels set around the deadly Factory of Dreams.


There are a couple of gameplay mechanics in LittleBigPlanet 2 which I really enjoy but are so rarely used. A couple of weeks ago I got excited about jetpacks and this time it’s tilt controls. More importantly, tilt controls done…


Happy 2013 everyone! It seems strange to be wishing you a happy new year in March but it goes to show how long it’s been since we did one of these. Thank you to everyone who’s contacted us over the…


Several community levels try to emulate Tower of Whoop’s score-chasing gameplay but very few have managed to nail it. SHINOBI Challege is one that has.


Jungle Dash! is a feature-packed survival challenge by Alexio34. It starts-off slow but you’ll soon need fast reflexes and pinpoint platforming skills (both of which I’m unfortunately lacking) to earn a respectable place on the leaderboard. The level is essentially…


If you want to make an omelette you’ve got to break some eggs… and if you want a fun, great-looking LBP level you’ve got to play Squandered Farmland by Porkyfern.


Holy smokes! Jetpacks!


The Cursor is a fantastic puzzle game by MrMik68. In this level you have control of a cursor which you must use to pick-up and move objects in a selection of puzzle and platforming rooms. A good amount of the challenge…


A giant heating contraption threatens Penguin Joe’s frozen town and it’s up to you to shut it down before it destroys everything. That’s the story of Melting-Ice, a really ‘cool’ platformer by Five-Ate-Five.


I’ve played hundreds of great levels in LittleBigPlanet and have talked about a lot of them here on Rocket Cheetah using words like ‘amazing’ and ‘brilliant’, but there are only a handful of creations which I would go so far…


Happy New Year! Here’s a montage video looking back on some of the games that came to PlayStation in 2012.


It’s becoming a bit of a trend around here that I find a level I really like but don’t have the skills to actually finish and record a video of. It started with Stellakris’ Aleste remake and now I’m dragging…