Rocket Cheetah

Los Alamos is the untold story of how the Cold War actually started. Turns out, it was Sackboy. This rather grim premise is the pretence for what actually starts-out as a brilliantly fun and vibrant platformer. The visuals are fresh…


What could be more festive that throwing stars, ninjas and explosions?

PS Vita video capture set-up

Hear that? That’s the sound of the world’s smallest violin, playing for my PS Vita video capture woes. Here’s how I overcame them and shut that stupid violinist up.


The High Life is an innovative LittleBigPlanet PS Vita level by deadmn which sees you navigating a series of suspended rails while hanging precariously from a wheel. The controls are deliberately delicate, requiring slight adjustments to keep you from falling…


oh noes!! teh grammer guy iz gon missn adn itz up to u 2 find im!


I’ve just launched the first in a series of short contests over on the Official PlayStation Community forums!


I only have one problem with Stellakris’ amazing new vertical scrolling shoot-em-up: I suck at vertical scrolling shoot-em-ups!


Mines Of Boreas is a fast-paced race platformer that’s as exciting to play as it is to look at. Arastoph keeps the level fresh by mixing-in new mechanics and gameplay ideas as the level progresses and combines traditional platforming sections…


It’s #Queuesday again and I wanted to highlight a few things to help you have a successful day of tweeting and queueing.


Declaring a new special day used to be quite a task – you either had so be someone or do something (or run a greetings card company). That sounds like a lot of hard work to me. Thankfully, times have…


A few weeks ago we revealed the finalists in Contraption Challenge 17 and asked you to vote to decide the final winner. Now, after a bit of a delay, the votes have been counted and we’ve put together this video…


I recently had the opportunity to put some of my questions about Tearaway to Media Molecule Co-Founder and Technical Director, Dave Smith. Tearaway is still fairly early in development but it was interesting to hear where they’re going with it…