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Welcome back! It’s time to reveal the five finalists in Contraption Challenge 16.


That’s it folks. Time’s up. Contraption Challenge 16 has now closed. Do not republish your entry from this point onwards. Doing so will mean you get disqulaified, which we’d hate to do.

Panic! To the Disco

If I could offer you only one tip for the future, sunscreen would be it. Unfortunately, the citizens of Yebestwearsunscreen didn’t heed my warning and instead chose to protect themselves with a diamond!? But now the jewel has gone missing…


It’s that time of year again: Easter! To celebrate, here’s a completely non-Easter themed Contraption Challenge.

video still_00018

Aura: Visionless Dreaming is an ingenious puzzle-platformer come point-and-click adventure by L1GhTmArE. You control Aura – a glowing orb of blue energy – as he helps visionless Niiya through underground caverns filled with old machinery and deadly drops. You guide…


Following last week’s announcement that a Journey costume pack would be coming to LittleBigPlanet, Sony today announced that Sackboy and friends will be making an appearance in thatgamecompany’s critically acclaimed PSN title.


Media Molecule today announced the winners in the 2011 Sackie Awards. Since voting closed at the end of February, the studio itself has picked-up two BAFTA Video Game Awards. Picking up the gong for Game Innovation, Mm co-founder Mark Healey…


When a LittleBigPlanet kart racing game is announced some people are cautiously optimistic, some get excited… For me however, there’s only one correct course of action: Write a special edition of a weekly news digest and fill it with bad…

Contraption Challenge 15 Winner Announced

Back in the days when GAME was still a viable business, the PS Vita was still a small dot on the horizon and videogame endings where decided by the developer, not by whingeing fans, we set the LittleBigPlanet community a…


It’s finally official: LittleBigPlanet Karting is coming! Following rumours and leaks last month, Sony made the official announcement today along with an incredible trailer.


It’s been a week of highs and lows. In the same week that LittleBigPlanet got a double win at the BAFTA Video Games Awards, we also say goodbye to one of LBP’s most popular fansits. All that and more is…


From Pocket Moon Podcasts to pufferfish and everything in-between. This Week in LittleBigPlanet we’ve got the latest DLC news, some great community levels to check-out from Hidden Gems and LittleBigPodcast and there’s finally news on Contraption Challenge 15.