Big Planet Pinball is the most complex, exciting and creative pinball level I’ve ever seen. It really looks like a LittleBigPlanet-themed table from a game like Zen Pinball or Pinball FX. All of LBP 2’s curators have their own little corner including Vitoria, Da Vinci and of course, The Negativatron. There are plenty of special events, multi-ball bonuses and even a boss battle with the pink-toothed beast himself.

Visuals and sound are spot-on and do what all good pinball games should: make you feel like a pinball wizard even when you’re doing badly and like a pinball deity when you’re doing well. Big Planet Pinball starts-off with the vibrancy turned-up to eleven and escalates from there with every bumper, target and ramp you hit. By the time you’ve been around the table a couple of hundred times things get really intense with near seizure-inducing effects which all add to the challenge of keeping the ball in-play.

Even after playing for half an hour I felt like there were still parts to this pinball game I hadn’t seen. That, along with the high score chase, is going to keep me coming back to Big Planet Pinball for months.

Now you might be thinking, “It’s a pinball level! How good could it be?” If you think I’m over-selling it, play it for yourself and prepare to be blown-away… Then come back here and post your score in the comments below. I got 196,520.


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This level was Team Picked on 7th September, 2012. Congratulations ThirdAxis01!