This is an amazingly polished and detailed four-part series of levels by Queencherry & TOBSn08. The series tells a sidestory to compliment LBP 2 plot. In it, you help Madame Pipe take care of the Meanies who have set-out to turn The Queen’s dreams into nightmares. The entire series, complete with a final boss battle, is a beautifully crafted, immensely fun set of platformers with a lot of variety and great mechanics.

This project seemed to get a fair bit of attention over the weekend after I had recorded the footage and now has a few thousand plays. I don’t usually feature levels which area already this popular but as I already had it recorded and had started editing it, I thought I’d feature it anyway. Besides, it’s a damn awesome set of levels!

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This level was Team Picked on 2nd April, 2011. Congratulations LittleBigQueen!