You might be used to exploring the papery, 3D world of Tearaway on PS Vita but now you can race through it on LittleBigPlanet Karting too, thanks to Maypole Grotto. Bobbbio_ has faithfully recreated the feel of Tearaway, from the design of the characters to the lighting, colors and environments. The gameplay even mirrors the tone of Tearaway’s; It’s a fairly basic race, without sharp corners or particularly tricky gameplay, which matches the brilliant simplicity of the original game and makes you feel as if you never even put down your PlayStation Vita.

The introduction gives a fantastic overview of what to expect and it will make you excited instantly. Race around avoiding Scraps, breaking though fold-away fences and launching off bounce pads, all of which that look exactly like the design in Tearaway. A beautifully-constructed Iota even makes an appearance.

Add Maypole Grotto to your queue and take a road trip through the world of Tearaway: it’s a papery experience with folds of awe.

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